Four Directions Thin Chain Bracelet

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Material: 14K Rose Gold
Precious stones:
Collection: Four Directions

Product code: BL0115

A collection inspired by Native American Teachings (*)
The four directions: North, South, East, West. In Native American teachings, each stand for different ideas represented by an animal. These ideas are far from superstitions and on the contrary, create a will for improvement.
Although, there is much room for interpretation, what better of a reminder to heal ourselves in the specified areas. Healing can be doing anything that will make you feel better, at peace and happy.
With these basic summaries of each direction you can choose yourself a reminder and interpret it in any way you want…

North/ The White Buffalo
A reminder of Healing Physical Being
Stands for: sacred life and abundance
Represents: Renewal and purity
The aim: Knowledge of life, birth and death
The Season and Element: Winter/ Earth

South / The Coyote
A reminder of Healing Emotional Being
Stands for: Trickster yet a teacher
Represents: Growth and gift of trust
The aim: Learning about relationships
The Season and Element: Summer/ Water

East/ The Eagle
A reminder of Healing Mental Being
Stands for: Winged ones who fly highest and see life most clearly
Represents: Illumination and wisdom
The Aim: Seeing the truth, letting go of lies
The Season and Element: Spring/ Air

West/ The Grizzly Bear
A reminder of Healing on the Spiritual Level of Life
Stands for: Go within with a long sleep; explore life and dream
Represents: Power and justice
The aim: Strength and introspection
The Season and Element: Autumn/ Fire