About Us

Ipek Selek Adıgüzel, graduated from Northwestern University with Bachelor of Science degrees in Industrial Engineering and Economics. After working in some of the major companies in fashion business in Turkey, she started a search for endeavors other than a career in corporate life. During a trip to India she was introduced to “Om mani padme hum” mantra, meaning the jewel inside the lotus flower, which initiated her journey to search for her dreams. Ipek Selek Adıgüzel believes that the layered leaves of the pure white flower that grows inside swamps, symbolizes the awakening of consciousness and rebirth.

Designing jewelry became something more than a hobby for Ipek Selek Adıgüzel, it became her passion. To commit herself truly to this task and to create pieces that she had dreamed of, she parted from corporate life and initiated her works at a workshop at the Grand Bazaar. Along with the workshop, she completed jewelry, diamonds and colored stones courses from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and accomplished to earn the Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP) title.

Ipek Selek Adıgüzel created Padme Designs in 2014, which originated from the “Om mani padme hum” mantra that guided her during her journey. The 14K gold pieces that are adorned with precious gemstones, form a connection with the wearer and become “Daily reminders” during the hustle of daily life. Ideas that give her motivation and happiness are integrated in the designs for the seekers of inner peace...