Thin Cloud Bracelet

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Material: 14K Rose Gold
Precious stones: 0.21ct Black Diamond
Product code: BL0082


Remember to be positive even in the most difficult of times

Observe a cloud. The dark grey area at the center diminishing into lighter colors with a silver lining at the edges…

However bad a situation may be, however big and dark the cloud may be, there’s hope. There is a positive side; you just need to look at the situation as a whole.

The thin silver lining is but a message telling us there is the bright sun waiting just behind the huge grey cloud. We have to go through the cloud, the hardship in our lives and acknowledge that there is a bright side: eventually you will reach the sun.

If it were not for the cloud, we may not have realized the value of the sun in the first place.

Keep a cloud with you just as reminder to see the positive side of every situation.