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The Terms of Use which consist; the terms of service of the Website, general rules and legal responsibilities thereto, terms provided below, is suggested to be read carefully before using ( If you do not accept these terms and conditions please do not use Website. Using this Website and filling the form which contains your personal information indicates that you accept these terms and conditions.

Padme Designs reserves the right to vary, reorganize and cease these terms and conditions and information provided in the Website at any time without notice. The changes shall come into force when posted in the Website. Padme Designs suggests its users to visit legal disclaimer page in every entrance to the Website. Such conditions are also applied to the Websites where their links are provided.

Padme Designs is a Üstün Hizmet Proje Geliş. Danış. İnş. Turizm ve Dış Tic. LTD. Şti. brand.

1. Conditions of Use and Privacy are open to all members of Unless otherwise provided, the services of Website are free of charge. Under the circumstances stated below, the Website Management is entitled to ban the member’s Website usage and reserves its legal rights related to person/people who is involved in the below attempts;

1.a. Embedding wrongful, missing, deceptive, immoral or illegal content into the Website,

1.b. Copying the context of the Website partially or fully and without permission,

1.c. The user is directly liable from any kind of damages that may occur due to sharing the user name and password information whether given to the user or determined by the user and using rights (if such information is used by third parties), to third parties or establishments. Likewise, within the Internet, the user cannot use personal information such as an IP address, electronic mail address, username belong to a third party as well as cannot reach or third party’s private information without consent. The user hereby agrees to be liable from any kind of legal or punitive sanctions in the event of such use.

1.d. Using a software which is a threat to the security of the Website, prevents that the Website works properly, taking actions, attempting to take, delete, change actions and receiving information.

2. Using of Content

2.a. The copyright, licenses and other intellectual property rights in all material including but not limited to, general view, design and all information, images, Padme Designs brand and other brands, domain name, logo, icon, demonstrative, written, electronic, graphical technical data, software, applied sale system, work method, business model are owned by Padme Designs and such material is under legal protection. Without prior consent and giving reference, Material in the Website, including the code and software, shall not be changed, copied, reproduced, translated, reposted, installed on a separate computer, mailed, delivered, presented or distributed. Without prior consent, the Website cannot be, partially or fully, used in a third party website. Otherwise, legal and punitive measures will be applied. Padme Designs reserves all of its other rights which are not provided herein.

2.b. The rights of each review delivered to’ is owned by Padme Designs. Padme Designs may use them for promotional purposes.

3. Responsibilities

3.a. In order to serve better, the information (Visit time, period, viewed pages) of the visitors of are tracked. Such information is shared with the companies which we cooperate for content development, and upgrade with the purpose of ads and etc., provided that privacy terms are reserved. The purpose is to develop the experience provided to the users of the Website improve

3.b. The user, while using, hereby agrees to comply to the provisions of Turkish Criminal Code, Turkish Commercial Code, Intellectual and Artistic Works Code, Statuary Decree on Protection of Trademark and Patent Rights and legal regulations, Turkish Obligation Code, ancillary legislation, notices and announcements that would be posted related to the services of The user hereby agrees to be liable from any kind of legal or punitive sanctions arising out of the misuse of the website which is contrary to law and stated notices.

3.c. The user shall not take any actions which prevent or obstruct other users and visitors from using The user shall not force/lock the servers or database through installing automatic programs. The user shall not attempt fraud actions. The user hereby agrees that its membership will be ceased and shall be solely liable from any kind of legal or punitive sanctions in the event such actions are taken.

3.d.The user is responsible to back up the messaging between which such actions is also suggested by Padme Designs. Padme Designs cannot be held liable from the lost, damaged or erased data if the backup has not been done by the User.

3.e. Membership cancellation and account deletion can be conducted by the User via The login authority of the user who ends its membership to the Website will be ceased. The User who terminates its membership for the website agrees that such process is irrevocable. Padme Designs may delete any kind of recordings and data belong to the user account which has terminated by or the User itself in its sole discretion. The user cannot raise any claims or demands to be indemnified in respect to the deleted data.

3.f. This Website may contain a link or reference to other websites which are not under control of Padmedesigns. Padme Designs is not responsible from the content of the websites which their links are located in

3.g. Padme Designs has the right to reach the user for the purpose of communication, notifying, marketing and other purposes through the information provided by the user in the membership form or updated afterwards such as users address, e-mail address, landline, mobile phone and through other communication information such as letter, e-mail, SMS, phone call and other methods. Unless otherwise notified in written, the user accepts that agreeing on these terms and conditions indicates that Padme Designs has any right to carry out the abovementioned communication activities.

3.h. Padme Designs may set forth different terms and conditions in relation to some specific sections of the web site. The users and Establishments hereby accepts such terms and conditions.

3.i. Please read the “Privacy Policy” section for further information on the precautions which we have taken to protect user’s personal information and confidentiality and our general policy thereto. The user hereby agrees that the provisions of the Agreement is deemed to be accepted and the Agreement will be effective on the date the User starts to use any service of the web site. You hereby agree that you shall indemnify any kind of damages that Padme Designs may suffer if you are in a breach of this Agreement.

Padme Designs is entitled to claim the user for a full recourse for any kind of compensation and/or judicial/administrative penalties paid to third parties and/or public institutions due User’s actions which constitutes a breach this under the Agreement terms.

4. Service Availability

4.a Padme Designs is entitled to revise this Agreement in its sole discretion without any prior notification in order to provide service availability. Padme Designs may unilaterally cease the service temporarily or permanently, change the context of the service or terminate the service at any time without needing any justification. The User agrees on such right. Padme Designs will post the updated terms and conditions with the new date in the Website and under the same link. Padme Designs, if necessary, will inform the users from such update by sending e-mails. The updated Terms and Conditions shall come into force when posted in and usage of the services of shall be subject to updated Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts or remove or edit content if you are in breach of applicable laws, these Conditions of Use or any other applicable terms and conditions, guidelines or policies.

4.b The user agrees that the user is deemed to be undertaken to adhere the Agreement on the date the Membership Form has been filled and ratified or any service has been ordered or bought by the user through the web system. This Agreement shall be automatically terminated without any notices upon the end of membership or one of the termination conditions is applied.

5. Privacy Policy

In order to serve you better, may require your personal information (Name, age, e-mail, etc.) during membership process. can use such information for campaigns or private promotions in respect to your profile. Excluding your personal information, some statistical evaluations regarding to the transactions carried out on the web site are analysed and kept by

Padmedesigns, without approval of the user, will not reveal to third parties the information electronically transmitted by the users via the membership forms, use for commercial purposes other than the subject of activity and sell. is using Google Analytics features such as Remarketing, Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting. You can opt out of the Google Display Advertising Features and customise Google Display Network ads using the Ads Settings. Demographical information provided by Google Analytics are used to customize and advertisements given by pursuant to our User’s interest. This information among with information belong to other users, may be shared with ad publishers during target audience works. By accepting this Confidentiality Agreement, you are hereby approving your information to be shared with ad publishers for the purposes of ads and marketing. This information does not consist personal information (Name, Surname, ID No., Gender, Age etc.) and only used for the works related to the user’s interests and segmenting target audience.

Third party vendors including Google will show the ads of in the banner areas provided by the publisher’s web sites in the internet. We and third party vendors, including Google, may use first party cookies and third party cookies based on the visits to of the visitors in the past, to gather information regarding the ads, optimise the ads and publish.

We may disclose your information or share it with the competent authorities where such disclosure will be requested as a legal obligation or to act in conformance with the applicable legal requirements or to comply with the legal orders noticed to our side.

We do not store your credit card information requested in payment page, within server or outsourced companies, in order to provide maximum security to our valued customers. Thus, for the payment transactions which have been conducted under the aforementioned method, it is provided that all the payment transactions are conducted through interface between the bank and your computer or mobile phone.

You can always contact us using the contact information provided below. The information entered into to the System by the Customer can only be reached and changed by the Customer. Such information cannot be reached or amended by third parties.

You can easily opt out from the mail delivery list by clicking on the link “Please click if you do not wish to be informed from campaign notices” provided at the bottom of the e-mails sent by or, by leaving the “I wish to be delivered Ads and notice e-mails” option empty which is provided in the web site, under “My Account” section and in the “Membership Information Update” headline.